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Fasteners, Fixings and Inventory Management

John Taylor (Fasteners) Ltd, or Taylors, is a leading provider of fasteners, fixings, power and hand tools, abrasives and precision engineering products, lubricants and consumables, welding and clothing & PPE products.Servicing the South West Peninsula.

As a business Taylors specialises in customer centric solutions, tailored to meet the needs of its customer partners. The company operates around a focused service and quality model.

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Company History

John Taylor (Fasteners) Ltd was incorporated in 1988. The company’s initial remit was the traditional supply of fasteners (nuts, bolts & washers) via trade counter or delivery. In a relatively short period of time, Taylors became established as a local fastener specialist. This model continued to be successful and relevant for a number of years.

Over the last ten years the company has diversified and contemporised its profile in reaction to an ever changing marketplace. Whilst still focusing about the professional supply of fasteners to a variety of industry types, including a number of global manufacturers operating in the South West peninsula, the company has also diversified to meet the tooling, cutting and abrasives, clothing & PPE, lubricant and MRO needs. In 2016 the company added a second branch to its operations in South Devon, to increase its ability to properly service the needs of its customer partners.

Taylors today – combining industry knowledge, experience and innovation:

The company today operates from two sites in Devon, Barnstaple in the North and Torquay in the South. Both offer the services associated with contemporary sales office and trade counter environments, which support the needs of manufacturing, fabricating, engineering, construction & allied trades alike.

Sales operations are conducted by experienced sales teams which are further enhanced by an accomplished and experienced external sales force

Taylors enjoys strong and enduring partnerships with premium manufacturers and suppliers relevant to this marketplace and is able to support its customer base with associated support services (site visits / application support / technical support and calculation services / H&S support including MSDS services).

Taylors is a member of Troy (UK) Ltd, the UK’s largest buying group supporting the independent engineering and industrial supply distributor. The company operates around a formal quality management system and anticipates receiving ISO9001:2015 accreditation in the late Spring of 2017.

Supply chain partnerships

We work very hard to develop and maintain excellent relationships with sector leading manufacturers and service orientated distribution partners in order to better support you, our customer. This allows us to offer additional customer benefits including dual calling (which often allows you “to try before you buy”), technical and specification support by manufacturer (thus providing in depth and acute product knowledge), range specific site surveys (helping you meet regulatory or performance requirements) and all backed up by high levels of after sales services.

We recognize that people buy from people, so we provide the right people to meet your needs.